How to draw an Audi R8 car clipart step by step

Now let's add some lines. From the center of the first, third, fifth and sixth need to finish drawing the radiuses and start further circles. Connect one horizontal line. Connect the upper points of the first and second and fifth and sixth wheels. Lead the horizontal, audi R8 clipart image the top of the seventh wheel, which is located above the fourth wheel. We leave the second and fifth wheel, and make body curves based on the rest. Rub out the auxiliary lines and circles.

We correct the drawing. Once again draw all the boundaries, stopping at the individual details in detail and drawing out.

Let's paint the car: the taillight will be red. The windows do audi R8 clip art illustration with a dark stripe at the bottom. This is a German compact coupe that saw the light of day in the Hungarian town of Győr in the year. We begin the work with the known eight circles, which we place in the same way as in the previous master class. The radii are lifted from the first, from the third and the seventh, the eighth wheel, as well as draw the same line from the junction of the last two wheels.

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It's time to draw the roof and windows of the car. Step 6 We're done with the top, now let's go a little lower and draw the doors. Pay attention to two very sharp corners - the upper one comes almost close to the headlamp and the lower one is at the same close distance from the vertical line, the clipart image R8 goes from the top. The final step is to draw the wheel rims.

But before we begin, a few words from personal. In the opinion of my audi R8 clipart drawing Zhenka there are two absolutely amazing things in life. I do not argue. Especially since Zhenka is always taking cars from somewhere to use and is well versed in. He found this time an BMW M5. Impeccable execution of the exterior did not leave indifferent even such, almost indifferent to adult toys lover, as.

Zhenka believes that it's all about the lines throughout the body of the car, which attracts attention. Initially your drawing will look more like a box than a car, but audi R8 clipart drawing don't be frightened, everything is yet to come. Now we are drawing rounded lines for the two tires of the car.

Namely, we draw the main lines of the radiator grille, headlights, left fender lines, doors, hood and front bumper of the car, as you see in our example.